Bataan Philippines, Crossfit Shoes and Amazing Food

My most recent travels have taken me to an amazing part of the world, the beautiful Philippines. I’ve recently spent a few months in Vietnam sampling to local cuisine while slowly touring the coastal roads on a clapped out Honda Cub, so it’s great to cross the pond and check out the beautiful islands of this amazing country.

While in Bataan, I stayed in the Kai Lodge which was a quaint, cheap getaway where I could relax and refocus.

One of the best things about such a relaxing place is being able to focus on my health and fitness, as well as the wonderful food. Crossfit seems to have exploded across the globe, and it’s made it to the Philippines so I’ve grabbed my favorite reebok training shoes, my jump rope and some comfy gym clothes and headed to the box.

Love it! Blood pumping, heart racing, and fat falling off!

Now for some noodles, soup and the freshest local fish to finish the day!

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Are you a fan of Taiwanese Food?

The current leg of my journey has taken me to the beautiful country of Taiwan. This place had never really been on my radar. I’ve always been a fan of South East Asia as I love the heat, the humidity, and the relaxed lifestyle that always accompanies in this climate. The colder it gets, the more serious people get. I like to relax!

So Thailand and Vietnam are the sort of places I like to call home. I’ll usually spend a few months of the year in Thailand, and this year I’ve been staying in Pattaya as it’s a beautiful beachside location.

But one has to work, and I thought something different to blog about would be the nearby country of Taiwan. It’s a bit cooler than Thailand but it’s still an incredible place to stay. I booked a room at the Hotel Midtown Richardson in Taipei for a few days, and have to say that it was an absolute pleasure. Comfy beds, great service and amazing food in the nearby restaurants made for a fantastic stay. I’ll be blogging about the local restaurants soon, so keep an eye out for some mouth watering foodie pictures!


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The Best Jump Rope For Crossfit Travellers

As you know, I recently purchased the Inspired Fitness Gear jump rope, to use for Crossfit excerise while I’ve been travelling. Well, I’m pleased to hear that I’m not the only one who loves this rope.

I recently came across a jump rope review website called Best Crossfit Jump Ropes which review five of the top double under jump ropes on Amazon. They give five awesome ropes a thorough going over, and found that the best rope available at the moment is the Inspired Fitness Gear jump rope, just like the one that I’m using. And I concur, it’s an awesome rope. I’ve been using it for a few months now, and it’s holding up really well.

So far, there’s no significant signs of wear, and the bearings are still running smooth. I’ve been using it a few times a week at Crossfit, as well as at home, and this jump rope is still a joy!

So do yourself a favor, check out the Best Crossfit Jump Ropes reviews to see for yourself, then go to Amazon and buy the Inspired Fitness Gear rope. You won’t regret it!


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Crossfit Jump Rope for a top workout while travelling

Guess where I am? Vietnam! Home of Pho & Bahn Mi. I love the food here, it’s so authentic. It’s cheap, and it’s fresh. But it’s also packed with carbs. Lots of bread and rice and not enough meat and veg make it hard to keep the weight off. I’ve been doing alot of walking here but it’s still hard not to get a bit of a tubby tummy.

Travelling always makes it hard to maintain your weight. You usually cant cook yourself, having to rely on street food vendors and restaurants, and even the odd KFC when you’re really stuck! Ewww :) You also often dont have easy access to a Gym.

Back home, I’d been getting into Crossfit, so before I left for this trip, I bought myself a really cool jump rope so I can get a quick workout anywhere while I’m travelling. The beauty of this particular rope for a traveller is that it weights less than a pound and takes up virtually no space in a suitcase, but it’s still strong and functional.

I start the day with a five minute skipping session in my hotel room before I head out for a hotel breakfast. Kick starting your metabolism like this helps to start burning those bacon and eggs, no to mention absorbing the protein for muscle repair.

So start your day the right way, and stay fit and healthy while you’re travelling. Click here to visit Inspired Fitness Gear to check out their skipping rope.

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Skipping while travelling is great for your tummy

Sorry guys, I know it’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been so busy on the road, that it’s been hard to find the time to write. But I’m back!

The last few months have been hard, I’ve been all over Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, trying to enjoy the beautiful beaches where possible, but mostly filming my new show which will air in the Fall. We’re nearing the end of the project, a cant wait to see the finished product!

I’ve got to tell you about something I’ve been doing while I’ve been travelling which has been just fantastic. It’s Crossfit, and it’s amazing. Every time I’ve stopped in a decent size town, I’ve hunted for the local Crossfit box. These places are popping up everywhere across Asia so it was never too hard to find one.

The workout you get here is fantastic, which is super important when you cook and eat awesome for food for a living! It’s so easy to get fat in this job. They really push you, and my favorite thing is that I’ve rediscovered my love of skipping. As a kid, I would skip for hours with all the girls in the neighbourhood. And at Crossfit, skipping is an integral part of their workouts.

One of the tougher things with Crossfit skipping is mastering the double under. This is a tough trick which involves doing two loops of the rope for one jump. I’ve getting better but boy, am I getting some bruises on my shins from getting whipped by the rope! It’s worth it though, I feel better than ever, and it gives me so much energy to get through the day.

I highly recommend hunting down your local Crossfit box and join up. It’s great fun, you’ll meet loads of cool people and you get super fit, super fast. Talk soon lovelys!

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It’s too hard to lose weight with all this good food!

My biggest struggle on the road as a traveller is watching my weight. Especially when I’m blogging about the local cuisine, I’m usually eating all the rich, exotic foods that are rarely good for the waistline.

Lots of sugar, lots of fat and way to many carbs :(

And a traveller’s life involves lots of planes, trains and automobiles. I don’t do nearly enough walking and I never seem to run any more.

It’s a good thing that there are some cool weight loss supps on the market to help out though. I’ve tried a few and my fave at the moment is one called Adiphene. It’s cheap and readily available online. And it works too. I’m not snacking between meals anymore and I can feel my jeans getting a little looser. Bonus!

Now, where’s the ice cream?


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Personal Hygiene while travelling the world

You’ve just got to love the variety of culture, food, religion, lifestyle and experiences that are literally right on our doorsteps. For only a few hundred dollars, one of many low-cost airlines can whisk you away to some exotic location or a third world country where you can be instantly immersed in a completely new way of life.

I’m loving travilling through South-East Asia at the moment, just a $300 overnight flight from home in Australia. Now I’m learning new languages, meeting beautiful people and eating some of the most amazing food I’ve had in my life.

One thing that was a bit of a concern before heading here was health and hygiene, although now that I’m travelling around, I really think the concern isn’t necessary. I spent a fortune at the doctor on drugs for malaria, stomach bugs, antibiotics, etc. as well as personal extras such as zovirax for cold sores, stingose for mosquito and jellyfish stings, and wartrol for warts.

So far, I’ve needed none of it at all. The worst I’ve has is a slight throat infection, which I get back home all the time anyway! If anything, I feel heaps better as I’m living on fresh, locally sourced food. Nothing GM here!

Just be sensible, wash your hands just like you would at home, and enjoy your travels!

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Blogopolis: #IntoTheWILD

The biggest blogging event of the year is here once again brought to you byNuffnang Philippines – The World’s Leading Blog Advertising Community!

This year, Blogopolis: #IntoTheWILD will take you to the Information Jungle. This event is open to everyone – bloggers, social media influencers, students, digital marketing officers, and advertisers, and anyone who is interested in the world of digital, particularly social media.

When: November 16, 2013
Where: InterContinental Manila

Save the date!

Watch the video below:

Let’s Eat & Win!

Listen up, guys! SIX (6) Suzuki APV Vans to be given away by SM Foodcourt! Take note that this is TAX FREE!


OCTOBER 18, 2013 – JANUARY 15, 2014 (90 DAYS)
1st Draw – NOVEMBER 28, 2013 @ SM SOUTHMALL
2nd Draw – JANUARY 24, 2014 @ SM NORTH EDSA
1st Raffle Draw winners – NOVEMBER 28, 2013 to MARCH 31, 2014
2nd Raffle draw winners – JANUARY 24, 2014 to MARCH 31, 2014

1. For every single receipt purchase of Php250.00 worth of food and Coca Cola products at the SM Foodcourt and SM Aura Food on Four entitles you to one (1) peel apart coupon and one (1) raffle coupon.
2. Promo starts on October 18 – January 15, 2014.

3. Extra bonus for dog trainers in attendance as we’ll have german shepherds in tow that need some dog obedience training. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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My Perfect Eggs!

My husband and kids are egg lovers. They want their eggs runny! You’ll see the look on their faces when they get a dry unattractive sunny side-up egg for breakfast. That’s why I handle their eggs with utmost care (That sounded weird! Haha!) But I’ve also learned how to make a yummy toasted sunny side-up egg. My mother-in-law used to brown her eggs on both sides. The edge of the egg is crunchy without the burnt taste. It’s actually like eating “rice crispies” and can be held like a slice of pizza pie – tastes really good, too!

And because my family are so into eggs, especially my husband, I have mastered how to make the perfect soft-boiled eggs! Pardon my boastfulness… it’s just that a perfect soft-boiled egg is quite difficult to make. Either the egg comes out undercooked with that slimy, stringy texture (close to eating it raw) or you end up with the usual hard-boiled version of it.

I’ve been getting a good number of inquiries about this ever since I posted my soft-boiled egg Instavideos. I honestly didn’t want to share it at first (Haha!). But I realized, I’m not making a profit out of it anyways, so I might as well share my knowledge.

So, here it is!

4-minute soft-boiled egg:

The outer part of the yolk is almost dry. My daughter prefers this kind.

Before submerging the egg, make sure the water is really boiling. Set your timer to your desired time. Once you hear the timer go off, immediately drain the water and place the egg under running water to stop the egg from cooking. Slowly crack the shell open, sprinkle a little salt and serve while warm.

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FREE Facebook To All Globe Subscribers!

Last Monday, Globe and Facebook announced their partnership – to offer FREE Facebook access for all their 36 million subscribers! Senior Advisor for Consumer Business at Globe Telecom – Peter Bithos, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Globe Telecom’s President & CEO – Ernest Cu.

​Setting another unprecedented milestone in Philippine telecommunications, Globe Telecom is giving the telco’s over 36 million subscribers free access to Facebook on mobile phones for an initial period of three (3) months. Globe worked closely with Facebook to enable customer experience innovations for the best free Facebook offer yet.

​Available to all Globe Prepaid, Postpaid, and TM subscribers using feature phones and smartphones* and accessing either through the mobile site of Facebook or the Facebook app, users can post, like, comment, chat, add friends, upload photos, share posts, and more on Facebook without the need for Wi-Fi.

Aside from offering Facebook at zero data charges, the collaboration between the two global companies has also paved the way for subscribers to enjoy first-of-its-kind customer experience innovations.

Working with Silicon Valley-based Facebook engineers, Globe has put together innovations that cover key milestones in the customer experience journey such as availability of access on feature phones and smartphones across all Facebook mobile platforms whether via the Facebook app or Facebook’s mobile site; no billshock or “nakaw load” as customers will be notified if they will incur data charges once a link that leads out of Facebook is clicked; and one-click registration to the data plan of choice to continue browsing without having to leave the site. Recommended data plans consider a subscriber’s available prepaid balance and/or megabytes (MB) balance of existing data plan.

Moreover, customers with not enough prepaid load can “loan” a 10MB data plan for only P10 which will be deducted on their succeeding top-up so they can fully explore content outside Facebook, making the experience seamless and worry-free.

​“Once again, Globe has proven that it is the mobile data service provider of choice by industry and technology leaders around the world with this breakthrough partnership with Facebook to give our 36 million subscribers uninterrupted, seamless, and worry-free Free Facebook experience. This is collaboration at its peak, which has resulted in the best and most innovative Free Facebook experience yet,” said Peter Bithos, Senior Advisor for Consumer Business at Globe Telecom. “

Globe is progressively rolling-out availability of the Free Facebook service to cover all its subscribers by October 31, 2013.

​Bithos added, “Over the past months, the engineering, business development and marketing teams at both Globe and Facebook have worked together to plan and design the customer experience from scratch – which includes making the service available across all Facebook mobile platforms, rolling out a system that alerts users once they are about to click a link that will incur them data charges, paving the way for subscribers to easily subscribe to a data plan without having to leave Facebook, and allowing data access lending for subscribers who don’t have enough prepaid load to continue browsing links outside Facebook. This service testifies how Globe is transforming itself beyond just an access carrier. Globe is striving to be a leading digital brand catering to the needs of digital Filipinos who need to be connected to their social circles around the world.”

“Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected,” said Chris Daniels, vice president of partnerships at Facebook. “Globe understands the opportunities giving people access to the Internet brings and we’re thrilled to be working with them to give Globe subscribers access to Facebook without data charges across our apps and mobile website.”

​Starting October 31, 2013, subscribers can dial *143# and select FREE FB to know more about Globe Free Facebook.

*Except BlackBerry. Free Facebook will soon be available to Nokia Xpress and Opera Mini users.

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