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Bataan Philippines, Crossfit Shoes and Amazing Food

My most recent travels have taken me to an amazing part of the world, the beautiful Philippines. I’ve recently spent a few months in Vietnam sampling to local cuisine while slowly touring the coastal roads on a clapped out Honda Cub, so it’s great to cross the pond and check out the beautiful islands of this amazing country.

While in Bataan, I stayed in the Kai Lodge which was a quaint, cheap getaway where I could relax and refocus.

One of the best things about such a relaxing place is being able to focus on my health and fitness, as well as the wonderful food. Crossfit seems to have exploded across the globe, and it’s made it to the Philippines so I’ve grabbed my favorite reebok training shoes, my jump rope and some comfy gym clothes and headed to the box.

Love it! Blood pumping, heart racing, and fat falling off!

Now for some noodles, soup and the freshest local fish to finish the day!

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Are you a fan of Taiwanese Food?

The current leg of my journey has taken me to the beautiful country of Taiwan. This place had never really been on my radar. I’ve always been a fan of South East Asia as I love the heat, the humidity, and the relaxed lifestyle that always accompanies in this climate. The colder it gets, the more serious people get. I like to relax!

So Thailand and Vietnam are the sort of places I like to call home. I’ll usually spend a few months of the year in Thailand, and this year I’ve been staying in Pattaya as it’s a beautiful beachside location.

But one has to work, and I thought something different to blog about would be the nearby country of Taiwan. It’s a bit cooler than Thailand but it’s still an incredible place to stay. I booked a room at the Hotel Midtown Richardson in Taipei for a few days, and have to say that it was an absolute pleasure. Comfy beds, great service and amazing food in the nearby restaurants made for a fantastic stay. I’ll be blogging about the local restaurants soon, so keep an eye out for some mouth watering foodie pictures!


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