My Perfect Eggs!

My husband and kids are egg lovers. They want their eggs runny! You’ll see the look on their faces when they get a dry unattractive sunny side-up egg for breakfast. That’s why I handle their eggs with utmost care (That sounded weird! Haha!) But I’ve also learned how to make a yummy toasted sunny side-up egg. My mother-in-law used to brown her eggs on both sides. The edge of the egg is crunchy without the burnt taste. It’s actually like eating “rice crispies” and can be held like a slice of pizza pie – tastes really good, too!

And because my family are so into eggs, especially my husband, I have mastered how to make the perfect soft-boiled eggs! Pardon my boastfulness… it’s just that a perfect soft-boiled egg is quite difficult to make. Either the egg comes out undercooked with that slimy, stringy texture (close to eating it raw) or you end up with the usual hard-boiled version of it.

I’ve been getting a good number of inquiries about this ever since I posted my soft-boiled egg Instavideos. I honestly didn’t want to share it at first (Haha!). But I realized, I’m not making a profit out of it anyways, so I might as well share my knowledge.

So, here it is!

4-minute soft-boiled egg:

The outer part of the yolk is almost dry. My daughter prefers this kind.

Before submerging the egg, make sure the water is really boiling. Set your timer to your desired time. Once you hear the timer go off, immediately drain the water and place the egg under running water to stop the egg from cooking. Slowly crack the shell open, sprinkle a little salt and serve while warm.

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Project Pie 2

Artisan – a worker who practices a trade or handicraft : craftsperson

In this case, you are the artisan. Your pizza is custom built by you. The freestyle approach in making your food is the way to go nowadays. You get to choose the ingredients that you only want and enjoy eating. That way, you blame only yourself if your food experiment tasted blah. Hahaha!

This is where Project Pie comes in! It is a fairly new pizza place along Shaw Blvd. situated at the old Laurel Mansion and in front of the old Cherry Foodarama (now S&R). It’s impossible to miss

During our visit, it was a good thing we arrived a little bit past lunch time. The crowd thinned out already. Normally, getting a decent parking space here is a struggle especially during peak hours. Not to mention the long queue inside the restaurant.

The entire restaurant has an industrial look, using pipes with an open ceiling that looked really pleasant.

They even have a wall full of wonderful quotes from famous personalities.

This’ll keep you (thankfully) preoccupied while waiting in line.

Since it was our first time to try Project Pie’s pizza, we took some time to check out their choices. There are (3) ways to order your pizza:
1. Order By Number – choose from the pre-set pizza flavors.

2. Build Your Own – Choose from a ton of toppings: pepperoni / italian sausage / crumbled meatballs / grilled chicken / canadian bacon / prosciutto / bacon / anchovies / red onions / green bell peppers / jalapeños / roasted red peppers / mushrooms / caramelized onions / cilantro / tomatoes / black olives / feta / gorgonzola / ricotta / parmesan / mozzarella / garlic / pesto / bbq sauce / pineapple / artichokes / fresh chopped basil / rosemary
*1 or 2 are priced at Php285.00


3. Order the Classic Cheese Pie at Php245.00.

*You can opt to have a white pizza which is olive oil based or go for the usual red sauce.

I decided on ordering #7 which had prosciutto, caramelized onions, mozzarella and parmesan.

I really love Prosciutto and the saltiness it delightfully gives to a certain dish. I love the combination of flavors – sweet (because of the caramelized onions) and salty. I also like how the side of the crust was airy and crispy. Next time I come back, I will request for more mozzarella. Why? Because stringy cheese is twice the fun!

My husband, a meat lover on the other hand, opted for #2 with their signature red sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella, italian sausage and crumbled meatballs. It includes garlic but he asked to have it removed.

I didn’t try it but based on the look of his face, he seemed quite pleased.

We also sampled their Banana Nutella Pizza for dessert compliments of the house. A perfect way to end a flavor-filled lunch!

I looked up the price for this wonderful dessert pizza and found out that it was worth Php145.00. Other dessert pizza flavors are Peanut Butter Nutella, Strawberry Mango Nutella, Cinnamon Sugar with Icing and Parmesan & Garlic.

One advice though, make sure to eat your pizza while its still warm. The crust gets chewy as it gets colder.

For the health conscious, they have several salad selections as well. And for that much awaited nightcap, you can also order some booze – a selection of beers (ranging from local to imported ones), Perrier to Stella Artois, even Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay in small bottles are available!

They serve bottomless soda and iced tea at Php65.00. Their iced tea tough is not the sweet type because they use China Mist Iced Tea.

Before going home, the kind staff of Project Pie allowed me to go behind the counter – the area where they prepare the pizza. They even lent me a cap to make me look like I’m part of the crew.
Thank you guys for a wonderful first time experience!

Trivia: Project Pie and Shakey’s Pizza Parlor are owned by the same company.

Contact Details

Address: 515 Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong City
T: 650 – 0925
Business Hours:
Fri – Sun from 10AM to 12AM
Mon – Thu from 10AM to 11PM

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Cheese-Filled Grilled Ensaymada

Over the weekend, “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” featured a local snack that every Pinoy loves eating – Ensaymada. But this was not just your typical ensaymada… This one in particular was grilled! Apparently, this recipe hails from Bacolod. Since my father-in-law, a native of Negros Occidental, was also watching with us, we decided to make our own homemade version, too!


Sliced cheddar cheese
White sugar

What you will be needing:

Sandwich presser
*Not the electric type. Just the simple aluminum type that you normally find at the local grocery. I got mine from Unimart.
Bread Knife


1. Slice each Ensaymada in the middle.

Since I was on “experiment” mode, I only bought several ensaymadas from the bakery. Obviously, it wasn’t moist but tasted ok. Ill get better ensaymadas for my next batch.

2. Slice some cheddar cheese and sandwich it inbetween the ensaymadas.

You can use the pre-cut cheddar cheese. Since I want mine oozing out with cheese when I slice into it, I opted to use the “block” ones so I can slice the cheese to my desired thickness.

3. Place the ensaymada at the center of the sandwich presser.

I already grilled an ensaymada prior to this. It got a bit burned hence, the brown color that you see in the presser.

4. Sprinkle some white sugar on top.

Don’t overdo it! The ensaymada is sweet as it is. We are just adding a little more to give it a beautiful caramel color and that added crunch when you bite or slice your grilled ensaymada. Place on top of your stove on low fire. Grill for about a minute on both sides. I grilled the bottom part first.

5. Transfer to a plate and serve right away.

I also made Tsokolate to partner it with. I used cocoa powder, some reduced fat milk (to aleast remove the guilt from eating too much sweets and carbs ) and presto!

A perfect afternoon snack on a rainy day or you can also serve it during Noche Buena. It’s budget friendly and very easy to do. Try it because for sure, you will love it!

Happy eating!

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