Crossfit Jump Rope for a top workout while travelling

Guess where I am? Vietnam! Home of Pho & Bahn Mi. I love the food here, it’s so authentic. It’s cheap, and it’s fresh. But it’s also packed with carbs. Lots of bread and rice and not enough meat and veg make it hard to keep the weight off. I’ve been doing alot of walking here but it’s still hard not to get a bit of a tubby tummy.

Travelling always makes it hard to maintain your weight. You usually cant cook yourself, having to rely on street food vendors and restaurants, and even the odd KFC when you’re really stuck! Ewww :) You also often dont have easy access to a Gym.

Back home, I’d been getting into Crossfit, so before I left for this trip, I bought myself a really cool jump rope so I can get a quick workout anywhere while I’m travelling. The beauty of this particular rope for a traveller is that it weights less than a pound and takes up virtually no space in a suitcase, but it’s still strong and functional.

I start the day with a five minute skipping session in my hotel room before I head out for a hotel breakfast. Kick starting your metabolism like this helps to start burning those bacon and eggs, no to mention absorbing the protein for muscle repair.

So start your day the right way, and stay fit and healthy while you’re travelling. Click here to visit Inspired Fitness Gear to check out their skipping rope.