It’s too hard to lose weight with all this good food!

My biggest struggle on the road as a traveller is watching my weight. Especially when I’m blogging about the local cuisine, I’m usually eating all the rich, exotic foods that are rarely good for the waistline.

Lots of sugar, lots of fat and way to many carbs :(

And a traveller’s life involves lots of planes, trains and automobiles. I don’t do nearly enough walking and I never seem to run any more.

It’s a good thing that there are some cool weight loss supps on the market to help out though. I’ve tried a few and my fave at the moment is one called Adiphene. It’s cheap and readily available online. And it works too. I’m not snacking between meals anymore and I can feel my jeans getting a little looser. Bonus!

Now, where’s the ice cream?