Personal Hygiene while travelling the world

You’ve just got to love the variety of culture, food, religion, lifestyle and experiences that are literally right on our doorsteps. For only a few hundred dollars, one of many low-cost airlines can whisk you away to some exotic location or a third world country where you can be instantly immersed in a completely new way of life.

I’m loving travilling through South-East Asia at the moment, just a $300 overnight flight from home in Australia. Now I’m learning new languages, meeting beautiful people and eating some of the most amazing food I’ve had in my life.

One thing that was a bit of a concern before heading here was health and hygiene, although now that I’m travelling around, I really think the concern isn’t necessary. I spent a fortune at the doctor on drugs for malaria, stomach bugs, antibiotics, etc. as well as personal extras such as zovirax for cold sores, stingose for mosquito and jellyfish stings, and wartrol for warts.

So far, I’ve needed none of it at all. The worst I’ve has is a slight throat infection, which I get back home all the time anyway! If anything, I feel heaps better as I’m living on fresh, locally sourced food. Nothing GM here!

Just be sensible, wash your hands just like you would at home, and enjoy your travels!